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Come join us for a “stay-cation” and enjoy the precious moments that matter most in life. Weekend LEAP is geared for families ages 9 – 17.  (Younger children are welcome and may be supervised by their own parents.)  This camp breaks the vicious cycle of bad habits and gives a family time to plan for a healthier lifestyle.  Quality time and support between family members cannot compare elsewhere.  This will be a family experience you will remember fondly for the rest of your life!Families arrive at camp on Saturday morning at 8 AM and stay until Sunday afternoon. (Lodging must be arranged on your own–see the hotel tab on our website.) Classes on nutrition, menu planning, cooking, self-care, aerobics and strength training are facilitated by our certified and licensed staff. Family fun time is a priority as well.New Campers:  This weekend will allow you to take a “test drive” of camp and help you decide if you would like to attend one of our summer sessions.  The schedule for the weekend is structured the same as a typical day at camp.  You will also get to meet and make connections with some of our current campers and staff.

Previous Campers:  This weekend serves as an opportunity for you to maintain your success from camp while mentoring your family and potential new campers.  You will see many of your friends from camp as well as some of the staff.

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*Camp Jump Start WIT® is a licensed program. It is evidence-based, peer reviewed and published in medical journals. Long term effects are well documented.