Camp Jump Start  (This link will take you to for Youth Camps)

Camp Jump Start is a residential summer weight loss camp for kids. Campers stay for either 4 or 8 weeks.

In the 4 week program we teach kids a true knowledge base of HOW to live a healthy life and in the 8 week program they will SHOW others how to do it. In order to teach someone — you must know the routine well yourself. This prepares them to teach their family when they arrive home. In the 8 week program we expand on leadership training, menu planning and cooking classes. These campers will take home healthier recipes that are kid/family friendly.

Campers typically lose 10-80 pounds while learning how to maintain weight loss through nutrition and fitness classes.

If your child already has severe complications due to obesity, the 8 week program will help them reclaim their life. Many children go home to surprise their doctors with a clean bill of health! This is evidenced by a return to normal in laboratory testing in their doctor’s office.

This is the camp that heals both body and mind — if your child suffers from low self-confidence and low self-worth then this is the camp for them! A family willing to make lifestyle changes in their home will allow these children to go on to live normal lives!

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*Camp Jump Start WIT® is a licensed program. It is evidence-based, peer reviewed and published in medical journals. Long term effects are well documented.