Summer Numbers

2538 Total Pounds Lost
– 8 week average:  31 pounds
– 4 week average:  17 pounds

Average Number Of Inches Lost Per Camper:
Necks: 1.1 inches

Upperarms: 0.8 inches
Chests: 2.7 inches
Waists: 3.9 inches
Hips: 2.8 inches
Thighs: 2.3 inches
Calves: 0.6 inches
Total: 14.3 inches

1641 Inches Lost Total (About 137 feet)

Lost 9 Hours and 27 Minutes Of Mile Times (One camper broke our record and ran a 6:15 mile!)
Average Starting Time: 16:00
Average Finishing Time: 11:03

Summer Milestones

  • 49 campers with acanthosis nigricans (warning sign of Type 2 Diabetes)
    • 28 cases have disappeared, 21 have faded
  • All campers blood pressure improved
  • 2 campers learned to swallow pills
  • 1 camper learned how to give his own daily injection of medication
  • 10 kids quit wetting the bed and 4 improved
  • 10 campers learned to ride a bike
  • 1 camper learned how to swim
  • 1 camper learned to tie his shoes
  • Out of 166 camper spots, 49 campers had previously participated in self-harm. Every camper developed healthier coping skills and began the process of asking for what they need (Historically we know that 5% of our camp population have attempted suicide before camp, but NONE have attempted since going through Camp Jump Start!)
  • On a survey of life-happiness, all campers improved on the scale and all campers like themselves better than before camp
  • Females and males received instruction on breast exams
  • Males received instruction on testicular exams
  • Every camper left with a nutritional guide, an exercise program and self-efficacy skills.
  • All campers voiced more confidence and had better self-esteem
  • All campers were able to list 2 trusted adults that they can ask for help
  • All campers were able to list new coping techniques they can use in place of over-eating
  • Every camper has access to a year-long follow-up program including conference calls.
  • PBS filmed a documentary at camp

In partnership with St. Louis University, campers participated in these sessions:
Anger Management
Family Issues for Divorced / Separated Families
Loss Of A Loved

Year-Long Milestones

  • MTV continues to air the Camp Jump Start “MADE” episode throughout the world.
  • Camp Jump Start’s data compilation is being prepared by Washington University School of Medicine.
  • Nineteen student interns have studied under our health professionals.
  • Jean Huelsing RN was nominated for an award with Missouri Foundation for Health.
  • Living Well Foundation was nominated for a Better Business Bureau Torch Award.
  • Living Well Foundation was nominated for St. Louis Business Journal’s Healthiest Employer Award.
  • PBS Documentary “Weighed Down – Finding Hope for Childhood Obesity” filmed at Camp Jump Start summer of 2016 aired nationally.