Virtual Trivia Night 2021

2021 Trivia Night Event Flyer

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00pm CT

THEME: Feeling Lucky (Wear Green)

COST: $200 / team of 8 participants ($25/ticket or $200/table)

PRIZE: 1st place, $200

Purchase tickets for this event by following this link:

Save the Date! Join us on Saturday, March 13, from 7-9pm CST for our annual Trivia Night fundraiser! This virtual event will be coming to you from the comfort of your own home. Although we may not be able to experience our traditional in-person event, this year will be just as fun using the Zoom platform.

How will the event work?

The host will walk through some housekeeping items to let teams know how we will play.  We will then get players into their teams (using breakout rooms). The host will then provide the game URL where teams can submit answers and teams will have a chance to choose their captain. Only the captain will need to open the game URL and they will be responsible for registering their team and submitting answers for the team. The host will present questions, move teams into breakout rooms and team captains will submit their team’s answers through the website at the end of each round. After each round, answers will be reviewed, and scores will be announced. Final scores will be tallied after the last round. If there is a tie, we will go into an optional tie-breaker round where the tied teams will compete in a numerical question. The team closest to the answer will break the tie and win.


How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased through EventBrite. Follow this link to take you there!


What is the size limit of teams?

You can have up to 8 people on your team.  You can choose to be in-person with your team, or be in your own separate locations for the event. Whatever is most comfortable for your safety!


What happens if I buy an individual ticket and don’t have a team to register with?

No team? No problem! Once you buy your individual ticket, our staff will contact you to verify you are not registering with a team. You will then be placed randomly on a team with other individual participants.


Is there a prize for the winning team?

Yes! There is a $200 prize for the winning team.


How long will the event last? How many rounds/questions will there be?

The event will last around 2 hours. There will be 5 rounds of 8 questions each. In between each round there will be a 2-4 minute break.


What happens once the event starts?

We’ll take good care of you once the event starts. If you’d like to learn more about how the event will run, you can check out our ‘What to Expect’ guide located here. We also have a version you can send out to your players here.


What if I am not great with technology? What technology will be needed for this event?

You will need to have a Zoom account set up for each computer/laptop being used that evening, reliable internet and a computer to participate. If you should need any assistance getting your technology set up prior to the event, Liz Flowers would be happy to help walk you through the set up ( Because this is a fundraiser, if for some reason you should experience connectivity issues throughout the event, there will be no refund issued. For additional help, follow this link to learn how to join Zoom for the first time.


How do players respond to questions?

As players join the event, they will register their team at our trivia website to submit answers. You can see what the interface looks like here. Teams will discuss answers in private breakout rooms and submit all answers at the end of the round.


Will there be mulligans available?

Yes! Mulligans will be available for $20 and may be purchased as an ‘Add On’ through our EventBrite ticket website here ( click on the ‘Ticket’ button and it will show the Add On option). Once you purchase the mulligans, you will be sent a code that can be used for one question per round during the trivia event. Mulligans can be used in place of an answer that your team does not know. Mulligans will not be available for purchase the night of the event.


How will we prevent people from cheating?

We ask that all players use the honor system for this event in order to keep things fair. Let’s remember we are all here for a good time to support a GREAT cause!


Contact Liz Flowers for more information or with questions or 636-674-5014