About Us

The Living Well Foundation was born out of the desire to educate and empower people to live life well. Our mission is to create healthier individuals/family units through experiential learning across the life cycle.

The vision of the Living Well Foundation is NO CHILD WILL SUFFER FROM ADULT DISEASE AND NO ONE WILL DIE FROM PREVENTABLE ILLNESS. Individuals and families, through informed choice, will be empowered to live long, happy lives together, with each member living in their best possible health! We empower individuals to take personal interest and responsibility in their own health. By making better choices, each individual may improve their quality as well as their quantity of life. Life will be more enjoyable and productive when living a healthy way.

The Living Well Foundation fulfills this mission by operating the Living Well Village located in Imperial, Missouri. The Living Well Village houses health camps and wellness programs all at a camp rate! We show people how to live well and then let them practice.

Camp Jump Start® is the jumping board to the Living Well Foundation. Camp Jump Start® was founded in 2003 by the Huelsing Family. It is a life changing residential summer health/weight loss camp for kids. Kids historically lose between 10-80 pounds while living at camp for 4-8 weeks. The weight loss is dramatic, but it is the gain in self-confidence and self-esteem that is awesome! There are children who have type 2 diabetes that go home and are taken off all medication and blood sugar levels are normal. There are kids with asthma that leave symptom-free. There are children with high lipid profiles and high blood pressure that go back within normal limits. There are depressed kids that leave feeling good about themselves and are taken off medications. Camp Jump Start®  is recognized as a best practice.

Camp Jump Start® now offers adult programs.  Residential programs show the highest success in reversing disease, but a weekend training camp shows long term results for those motivated to make changes in their lifestyle.  In less than a month many participants have been taken off diabetic, hypertensive and cholesterol medication simply through lifestyle modification.  Successful weight loss is accomplished and fitness improves.  All participants state they feel better.

The Living Well Foundation is licensed to use Camp Jump Start’s WIT® program. WIT® is the acronym for Wellness in Teens, Tweens, Tots or Twenty-plus depending on the target audience. This successful program is the basis of many of our camps at the Living Well Village.

We are accredited by the American Camp Association, the Better Business Bureau and GuideStar. We are licensed by the State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.