Kids say:

…I remember when I could not even run a mile and then I ran non-stop! I am so happy and proud of myself and you helped every step of the way. This was an awesome summer….Chris

…I love you guys so much! You have really changed my life. I will never forget you. This camp is great. I have made life long friends and all thanks to you guys….Jeff

…I have become more confident and I have learned if I work hard I can do anything. I have friends that I KNOW like ME….Kate

…Thank you for teaching me everything I need to do in order to live to be healthy and 150! Ha Ha I never had so much fun at any other camp! All in all, thank you for changing my life so drastically…Jennifer

…Thanks for helping me through the thick and thin and those days I felt fat….Sam

…Thank you for the greatest gift of all — Health and Knowledge…Reyn

Parents say:

…Thank you for being such a great help. His doctor could not believe it was him. They are so happy with the results we are looking forward to him being taken off the medications! His blood sugar is doing really great. This is a really big step for him, he has wanted to get off them for so long and it looks like he is in such control that it is going to happen….you have helped him in such a positive way…..Nico’s mom

…We sent to camp an insecure boy who never would leave his room and got back a well adjusted, confident, outgoing young man. He walks taller. He talks to people. He likes himself. He knows he can do what he sets out to do now…..David’s mom

…I have never seen my daughter smile the way she is now. Thank you, thank you, thank you….Kaytie’s dad

…thank you for helping to change Jamie’s life and therefore also changing our family’s life. Jamie grew up a lot at camp. She certainly has more confidence in herself and it shows in every aspect of her life………….Jamie’s mom

…I had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with the “new” Jeff. His confidence level is off the charts. Sending Jeff was the best decision I’ve ever made on his behalf. Thank you, thank you for what you have done for our family. Personally, I feel the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Jeff does a wonderful job taking responsibility….I trust his judgement. He worked hard at camp and it really paid off. He looks wonderful and feels wonderful….He really became a teenager at camp. He was very shy and introverted, but now he is a poised, confident extrovert and he makes his bed! Thank you again for the work you are both doing. I know Jeff will remember you forever, and the golden opportunity he received being at camp…Jeff’s mom

…Sarah simply said, “It was the BEST summer of my life!” and gave us huge hugs and kisses. Last summer Sarah spent 21 days in Europe. She said she had a good time. She took over 700 pictures which she never seemed to find time to get developed…..she had bought t-shirts, postcards, souvenirs, all the typical things one saves to remember their adventures. THIS summer she came home with clothing, not purchased but exchanged with her new friends to remember them by, 300 pictures which she took to be developed immediately and an action plan. She has a schedule for the gym, a plan “A” and “B” for handling lunches at school, a caloric and fat driven menu for us at home. The menu doesn’t have the exact food item we are to prepare just a calorie count which allows for personal taste and the flexibility to buy items that are on sale that week at the grocery store. An approach that is success driven and failure proof. We are shocked by the simplicity….Our daughter is really happy and “you” can take all the credit! Someone once wrote: “Success is where preparation meets opportunity”. This describes your program to a “T”. We will always be grateful God allowed our paths to cross…..Sarah’s mom and dad

Counselors say:

….I have learned never give up on dreams….or kids…it is all about the people….2011

….first as a camper and now as a counselor, I’ve experienced the most life changing place in the world. I am very grateful and proud to have changed the lives of so many kids and for so many kids changing mine and helping me grow….2010

….It helps remind me that I made a difference this summer….for the first time in my life, I am really comfortable with who I am…….2007

….Working for you has been a truly rewarding experience. This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs I have ever had. I feel like I gained a new family over the past 8 weeks…….2009

….I hope you all had as much fun as I did and will aim for a healthier lifestyle too…..2007

….My life lesson is that there is no short cut to any place worth going…we know it has required a great deal of sacrifice to build this camp but your example is changing the world…never forget….2008

…I learned not to judge people…..2009

…I really wanted to thank you both for the incredible opportunity and for all the memories that I will have for the rest of my life. Thanks for the best summer job I will ever have….2008

….you were not kidding when you said that we did not just change lives but that we SAVED them….there is no place like this home away from home where the love shines in all we do and it starts from the top and filters down…..2010

….it’s not what you say you’re going to do-it is what you do afterwards. This is the camp built on love and it shows….2011