“We are active in keeping our Community Healthy in these ways”

  • American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider
  • American Red Cross emergency shelter for victims of disasters
  • American Red Cross site to house volunteers responding to catastrophic disasters
  • Missouri Career Center Training site for summer youth programs
  • Partners with the Jefferson County Department of Health for youth programming
  • Partners with Seckman Middle and High Schools for Service Learning
  • Partners with Saline Valley Fire for training drills — our lake is a water source for them to put out fires when hydrants are not available or usable
  • Partners with Gateway Search Dogs so they can conduct drills to locate missing persons or deceased victims during simulations of mass casualty
  • Missouri State Department of Health and Senior Services Disaster Drills are conducted here
  • Department of Conservation migratory bird surveys are conducted
  • Partnerships with universities throughout the world for internship opportunities both public and private
  • St. Louis University and Washington University conduct research studies here
  • New partnership with the University of Washington-Seattle for PCORI research project
  • Freedom from Smoking classes
  • Community Weight Loss Challenge in the spring
  • Childhood Obesity Awareness in the fall

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